Elena Belous

Elena Belous


My name is Elena Belous. I am 35 years old. Ukranian and Moldavian background. A true to life artist - I am live sleep, breath, eat, art… I am honored to be able to call myself an artist.

I like work with oil and a lot of gold leaf or gold pollen. Now I have painted in a little surreal style. My recent project is cats..different kind of them - big and small, hairy or bald, from mountains or desert. But all my cats likes wears glasses and nice scarfs. I have been working this project last 2 years into one style... I call it MAGIC CATS.

What is your true identity?. For me my art is a movement on the present time. This is the reason that I'm painting everything in bright and shiny colours. Because now we have become A reflection of what we think people want to see. There is no more truth in the world right now. It's great to get out there an experience.

I have lived in a lot of places like China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico, Russia. I need to see other cultures and the way other people think.. it's so inspirational. I am absolutely sure if you focus hard enough that your dream will become reality. I am truly living the dream. And ending this with a little bit of encouragement and inspiration

Magic Cats