PhD in music and art history, born in Moscow, living in Paris, Elena Gantchikova is a high profile Franco-Russian multidisciplinary experimental artist, composer, pianist, pedagog, musical & art journalist.

With an Absolute pitch, and synesthesia hearing colors, she works in the field of art synthesis research, in which the end result of research becomes a work of art.

Since childhood, Elena received musical, theatrical, artistic, photographic, literary, mathematical and humanitarian education, following the tradition of their artistic family.

She divides her time between creative and educational activities in various forms: the creation of multimedia installations, videos, musical instrumental and electro-acoustic pieces, sound sculptures, photos, paintings and collages, performance, research, writing, music and art journalism, blogging and education.

All interests, skills, time and efforts of Elena Gantchikova are focused on experiments in the field of art synthesis, combining traditional techniques and the latest technologies.

Each of her works is addressed to all channels of human perception.

Her first conceptual multimedia project, combining his works in electroacoustic and symphonic music, photos, videos, installations, sound sculptures, ballet and poetry, was presented to the public in 1995 at the Berlin Academy of Arts and the am Marstall gallery.
Since then, she has been perfecting her skills, expanding her means of expression and continuing to experiment.
Music critic of opera, ballet and arts for major russian media, Elena is the founder & director of the International Institute for Musical Aesthetics InterIMEC, author of a vast catalogue of works.