Elbe Brave

Elbe Brave


To experience an ELBE painting is to live a moment of an artist’s exuberant life.
Elena Berman's acrylic-on-canvas abstract and impressionist-style paintings pop with life, joy
and vitality. “I choose bright colors because that’s what we need in the world right now,” says the Ukrainian-born and, artistically, West Coast-nurtured Berman, who signs her work ELBE.
“By painting, I chose first to brighten my own life so I could then brighten the lives of others.”
Four years ago, in the midst of a bitter divorce this dedicated single mom bartered her services as a personal trainer for art therapy classes for her daughter with studio artist Larisa Pilinsky; although Pilinsky had given mom some paints and canvas “just to the kill the time,” both she and Elena were amazed at the results.
After exploding onto the international art scene with consecutive fall shows in LA, Beverly Hills, Glendale, Moscow, Miami and Hawaii, Berman has been featured by Javanan and Inspirique magazines, and nominated for the ARWEY Circle of Light and Family Film Awards. In next months she is going to be futured on AirFrance Madam magazine with an exceptional personal story.
Once described as a "health conscious epicurean, borderline genius and a brilliant mind," Berman has an uncanny way of projecting ideas with visual and tangible essence.
Before emigrating from her war torn homeland, Berman worked in both marketing and business, supported the Exoti-Lady Beauty Pageant in LA as an Ukranian , and hosting her own television show combining her training as a culinary specialist and a health wellness expert.
Beyond the purely physical exhilaration of her paintings, Berman's explosive bursts of color and energy attests to the power of positive vibes, and the functionality of using bright colored artworks to promote confidence on challenging days. And while all her pieces are genuine expressions of her deepest feelings and energies, if you are drawn to a particular work, she says, “it becomes all about you. I can tell you who you are and what your potential is.”

Berman's explanation: "We are all energy and vibration. That is why the quality of energy and frequency in our body is vitally important. Our body is designed to heal itself. As long as we give our body the possibility of freedom and don’t “disturb” it with wrong food, pharmaceutical drugs,
toxins, non-stop working out, (which will make your body acidic), thinking negatively, and allowing yourself to have close relationships with people that will not serve your best interests inthe long run’, all will be fine.”

Having transferred her healing force and it to her new creative output – paintings, restaurants and other businesses and institutions have begun ordering her pictures for the influence their feng shui properties have on maximizing the atmosphere.
Similarly, private collectors buy Berman's art to bring "harmony to their space with a completely home spun aura of love."
That’s why Elena Berman's work, signed ELBE, is in demand.