Elaine Hunter

Elaine Hunter


Elaine Hunter is a self-taught contemporary photographer who was born in the UK and moved to Canada where has lived most of her adult life.

She danced from the age of 3 years old studying ballet, jazz and tap. She was happiest when she was dancing or out in nature enjoying its peacefulness and power. Later she became a school teacher but her heart was always wanting to dance. Movement was and is an important part of her artistic life. Elaine opened her own dance school in Ottawa Canada which she directed for 31 years. As a result of this experience of dance in her life she now creates images of nature dancing, she says, "Movement is a major part of my photographic images, where I used to choreograph my students, now I Choreograph Nature.

Elaine's experience consists of over 20 years of perfecting her skill and technique in the art of image-making through photographic manipulation. Her images are exciting and captivating. With the advancement of digital photography, she has discovered the perfect medium to create dramatic one-of-a-kind images. She says, " I love the journey from the camera lens to the computer where I create the finished pieces of art."

Elaine's work is a photographic experiment in search of the illusive world around us. In her latest exhibition, My Chimerical World, Elaine wants to take you to a wildly fanciful terrestrial paradise. Whether it is one plant, an ocean, or a mountain range, it is her intention to make you wonder if the visions that she created were actually there when the photograph was taken. She works with the idea of there being many dimensions and her imagination creates some of them for us to see.

Go to www.elainehunter.com for details of Exhibitions and awards.