I am a Painter and Sculptor, trained in Athens School of Art, Madrid School of Art and the South Australian School of Art. More recently I did a Masters of Art Therapy in Melbourne at Latrobe University.

Art for me is a form of storytelling and an amazing way for people to connect to their own creativity, imagination and spirit.
This work is mystical, heart warming and striking. It is influenced by different cultures and iconography. My creations offer personal symbols and themes and celebrate a love of colour with positive, uplifting imagery.

I also enjoy travelling and sharing my love of Art with others. I create Murals and installations in public spaces that invite communities to participate and express themselves. In addition I stage exhibitions around Melbourne showcasing work from my studio.

here I am in Art Pal to share my work with a new audience. It lends itself to becoming part of your story. I see these paintings and sculptures as holding something precious for the viewer. For more examples visit http://www.efrossiniart.com

sculpture dolls