Edvard Vosghanians

Edvard Vosghanians


I was born to an Armenian family in a town south of Iran in 1954. I ventured from this turbulent country just before the country was overturned in 1987. Since a young age I was always interested in drawing and doodling. As a child I would start drawing on any piece of paper my hands could get a hold of. I’m not interested in landscapes or portraits but rather something that I find in my “mind's eye”. My own mind can be a powerful tool in creating beautiful pieces of art.

I tend to start my drawing or painting with no preconceived ideas, but then from the feel and my mind it continues to grow into something, something extremely magical. I sometimes realize the meaning during the process and other times not until after I’ve completed it. Of course there are works that I see as beautiful creations to look at and leave the interoperation to the audiences.

Some of my recent works in 2020 are the recreation from drawings from years ago which I still have in my possession. I may include them with the paintings if necessary. I have had no formal training in any sort of art school or visual arts.

Painting is truly a hobby of mine and I keep creating because I enjoy doing it. Looking forward to what new things will come to me in the future.