El inicio

El inicio


The main thing in my works are the gestures, the postures, texture, form and volumes; in that order.
The materials are varied, depending on what comes first, afterward; it comes the modeling stagein case of later recurring with castings, otherwise, I work the direct material, such as: Metal, wood, cement, recycled materials or mixed media.

I like to work with a realistic figurative style to capture my reality as I see it; I like to play with the scales, depending on what I want to show the viewer. I create portraits, sculptures, monuments, reliefs and ornamental sculpture.

First than nothing, I need to earn a living and sometimes art takes me to the commercial side and sometimes it takes me to the existential plane, and in that, I show my reality so that people can become aware of what is happening inside and around us , not only focusing on oneself, our problems, family, friends, neighbors and loved ones; Let them see further and let them know that our actions affect not only seconds, but all those around us; For that I use the image of man and woman.