Eduard Kont

Eduard Kont

If you would like to get to know me better and get familiarised with my work, please feel free to Google my name in Russian -  Конт Эдуард

I am an artist. I paint and also I write fairy tales for children and illustrate my books as well.

I was born in Estonia, in a small town Kohtla-Jarve. I have always been inquisitive and dreamy and I always painted, since a very young age. I studied painting in many places, however the most significant of all was masterclass taken from the Professor of Repin Academy E.M. Kurkov, whom I am eternally grateful to.

My first exhibitions commenced in Tallinn, a total of twelve. I had exhibitions in Helsinki and home town Kohtla-Jarve. I also participated in many general exhibitions amongst which the most significant one were three in Moscow named MOST that were organised between Estonia and Russia.

I am  also a member of Russian Artists Union of Estonia.

I like kind, open hearted and happy people who, whilst having a pint of amber beer, can tell funny stories, debate about politics not knowing it, about women, without understanding them and the future, without knowing of what awaits us. Whatever lies ahead, we are going to overcome everything so long there is no war. Best regards Edward