Ed Moore

Ed Moore


I was born in Berkeley, California. Since both my parents were from Montana, our family took road trips to Montana every summer to flyfish, visit grandparents, and enjoy the scenic splendor around Butte, Anaconda, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, 3 forks, and the surrounding area. I found the wild beauty of Montana beyond compare.

Since my early teenage years, I have enjoyed backpacking, and when I lived at Lake Tahoe, California, I spent many weekends in Desolation Wilderness and other forests in the area, and again found myself awestruck by natural beauty.

And finally, trips to Yosemite Valley from our family cabin in Twain Hart again provided incredible appreciation for God's functional artistic abilities...Yosemite is amazingly beautiful.

I taught myself to draw, paint and create digital images in an attempt to capture my impressions of these places. I usually draw or paint listening to John Denver’s music because it's the only music that captures the spirit of the mountains. So if you want the full impact of my work, listen to John Denver as you view my art. I hope my work evokes a sense of wonder and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us all. Blessings to you! If you want to order a print, you can do so here, but the quality may be better if you order from www.zazzle.come/artist318. Originals are available from www.edmooreart.com.

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Yosemite / Lake Tahoe