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Edge Artworks


WENDY LOVE EDGE is a disabled survivor of the U.S. Healthcare system. She is also an author, artist, talk show host and cannabis activist. She is from Boston originally, and has recently made NWA her home again after several years. Ms. Love Edge is magna cum laude graduate of Boston University in 1987, with a BS in Occupational therapy. Ms. Love Edge is most known for being the founder of Bulldozer Health Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization and health care reform initiative. You can learn more about it at www.bulldozerhealth.org.
In 2017, Ms. Love Edge authored the book, “Sixteen: My Journey into Wellness”. She then authored and illustrated two more books for children. The first is “Helpful Hannah Creates Her Own Health and Happiness” and the second is “Helpful Hannah Educates Herself About Cannabis”. These books are meant to educate and inspire individuals to health empowerment and improved health and wellness. The cannabis education book was written to teach children the truth about the cannabis family of plants, and reduce the stigma attached to it.
As an artist, Ms. Love Edge spent her formative years immersed in art, music and dance. She dabbled in acrylics, water color and pastels, coming from a family of creatives. She was able to utilize her talents and knowledge when she worked for 25 years as an occupational therapist, utilizing the art and science of therapy to treat patients. She began to work with painting again in recent years, for not only it’s therapeutic value, but to send the messages of health, wellness, ending cannabis prohibition, promoting cannabis as medicine, and encouraging personal spirituality. It has truly been a journey of art and healing that has created her most recent works.
Ms. Love Edge was recently selected to be an artist member of The Cannabis Art Guild, presently one of 8 artists worldwide. Her work will be with hemp materials for the guild, where “the medium is the message”. This exhibit will tour worldwide at cannabis events and exhibits starting in 2019. Please check out the guild at www.cannabisartguild.org.

Angela Edge

Angela Edge is an artist and musician.
She has been creating music for most of her life. Her eccentric musical journey started when her father put a bass in her hands at the age of 14. She instantly became enamored with it. Teaching herself to play on the stage of her father’s hometown Pentecostal church, she learned by watching and listening to other bass players. She molded her own concept of bass, melody, and harmonic style. With that, the Angela Edge bass technique was born. Already a trumpet player since the age of 12, she continued her musical studies throughout her teen years. Her study earned Edge a scholarship to the University of Arkansas, majoring in music education for trumpet. Once in college, Edge began playing locally around Fayetteville, AR with a classic rock cover band named Uncle Woody. Through new Fayetteville contacts, Edge soon met Jori Costello, with whom she made an instant musical bond. Edge left Uncle Woody & joined The Jori Costello Band.This transition allowed her to expand on, and develop her style. Playing in coffee shops and local events were soon not enough for Edge, who was ready to tour internationally. The Jori Costello Band was contracted for 5 weeks for a tour with a national folk artist. This afforded Edge the opportunity to play with musicians such as; Cris Williamson & Peter Yarrow. Angela also played at festivals that featured musicians such as; Les Claypool, Michael Franti, Melissa Ferrick, and Alix Olson. She has played at Washington DC PRIDE, San Francisco Pride, High Sierra Music Festival, The Folk Alliance in Montreal, and the Kerville Folk Festival. Edge also played at The Blue Bird in Nashville & The Bitter End in NYC.
As an visual artist Angela dabbles primarily in abstract art. Her Fences series is brilliant and displays an artistic representation of the fences we build.

Angela Edge

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