Painting is the poetry of my soul. Everything you visualize there is me, my feelings, my emotions. You have no idea who I am, but analyzing my works you will discover my inner universe.
Living in such a monotonous world, where people are addicted to a virtual existence rather than a real one, art is my oasis, my refuge, where I have the possibility to express myself, to give life to ideas born in my head.
Regarding works, I just have to emphasize that they are different as my mood. What is characteristic for all of them is the aspect that I open my heart and pour on the paper my thoughts that overflow my mind. My purpose is to maintain the equilibrium between microcosm and macrocosm.
I don’t pretend to possess a certain technique, my technique is my imagination and my hands, when I start to paint all I know is that this moment is mine, time stops, thoughts disappear and I am immersing in the world of creation, where a breath is a color and a heartbeat is a shape.
The way I produce and approach my works differentiate me from other artists, because I never decide in advance what I will draw, I never choose the day or hour when I will draw, everything is spontaneously dictated by the emotions and feelings that overwhelm me at that moment. Through my drawings I explore myself and every time I reveal something unexpected.
I hope and expect that my paintings give people shine in their eyes, power and motivation to discover more and more every day.