Gallery 34

Gallery 34

Welcome to my online- gallery!

My name is Edelgard Schroer. I was born in Moers as a grandchild of Johann Keuten, a well-known artist in the Niederrhein area. In 2003, after extensive studying and co-working with the designer and artist Jean Pellen in Düsseldorf, I opened my own art gallery. My works cover a wide range of diverse styles from abstract to even floral motives. My style is varied, I do not like to paint within the same medium.
Unique to all of my paintings, you will discover in each one a sensual expression of the joy of living.
My paintings are all one of a kind, no prints or giclees in any kind.
My gallery is located in the heart of the rural country Geldern, close to the Dutch border. Here my work is exhibited in a spacious 120qm area.

I hope, you enjoy the journey through my world of colors and I thank you very much for looking.

If you have any questions, please contact me. I look forward to your mails!
Best greetings from Germany,