Edgar Pillinger

Edgar Pillinger


I am a practicing artist who loves to draw, most of the work is centered around movement evident with my "figures in movement" series which has now amassed to some 2000 drawings.
I purposefully do these images in pen not the best choice of media (many have told me) but simply to draw quickly and help me focus more clearly on the gesture or movement, a constant thread which runs through everything I do regardless of the choice of media or compositional ideas I happen to be working on at the time.
Memory compositions are equally an important part of my work as well, allowing me to express both studies and personal life experiences within the same compositional image allowing me the freedom to run riot with certain ideas and feelings.
I see all this as a personal journey, an expression through the figure with all its memories, subject matter and endless possibilities.


Men "Figures in motion"

Woman "figures in motion"


Larger work

Semi Abstract