Edgar Pillinger

Edgar Pillinger


I am a practicing artist who loves to draw most of the work is centered around movement evident with my "figures in movement" series.
I do most of my figure work in pen not the best choice of media (many have told me) but with practice and perseverance I have found it very rewarding.
While I am happy to use media of all kinds including paints, wax crayon, and even white emulsion paint I find this quick gesture approach using just pen and ink by far the most rewarding and while these drawings started life initially as a daily work out, I find myself returning to them again, and again, and it is for that reason I leave most of these completely untouched in the hope that the viewer will see them in the spirit in which they were intended.

Drawings for Children

Semi Abstract

Men "Figures in motion"

Woman "figures in motion"

Figure studies

Larger work


My sketch book