Wendy Lusk

Wendy Lusk


Hello! My name is Emily. I am the niece of Wendy. My aunt passed away in July of 2018 while living in Spain. Once we received all her belongings, we chose to keep some of her paintings and sculptures for ourselves and decided to sell her remaining pieces. We were able to locate some detailed descriptions regarding some of her pieces, while others we were not able to locate. The following information about my aunt was written by her for her many exhibitions: Northern Illinois University (1992), Netherlands (2000, 2006, 2010), and Spain (2012, 2013).

I am an American by birth (Chicago, Illinois) but have lived the past 19 years overseas in Europe. I graduated from Northern Illinois University in 1993 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in sculpture and painting. In 1994 I married and moved to the Netherlands with my husband. In 2011 we moved to the sunny Costa del Sol, Spain. I have been painting for 24 years. I work primarily in oils but have also worked in acrylics. My work can be described as mystical in content with a lot of color. If I had to describe myself as an artist, I would call myself a Romantic Colorist. A few other words I would use to describe my art would be nature, love, and mystical poetry. Some of my work can be described as frozen scenes of stillness meditation. I love to use mystical writings, nature, color, movement, music, and a childlike imagination/world to create a beautiful painting or sculpture. I hope to inspire others to dream when they view my art. My name, Wendy, means "the wanderer", and I do just that in my mind when I create; I wander.

My paintings have been purchased by people in Holland, Finland, Spain, Norway, and the USA. I have also had a chapter in the published book Costa Women by Rashpal Singh, dedicated to me and my art/paintings.

Have a wonder-filled, creative, and musical day! :)