Grace had kept me moving on to the rigth direction and I'm grateful.

“Through a friend called Yujin Johnson, I made a way to the College and I was able to study painting. I was always interested in the arts. In 2010 I began my study in Ghanattah College of Art & Design and after I continued again with my Uncle who was also good in painting, and a new horizon opened up for me, insofar as I got to know the works of various artists. I took inspirations from these Ghanian artist called Henry Appiah (Asenoir), Seth Clottey, Abroda Glover, served as a references in my works. In 2013 I was able to dedicate myself exclusively to painting, and since then I haven't stopped.

"When I begin a painting, first I define the design, and soon after the colors flow, almost by themselves, at an incredible velocity. The result is a figuration with light abstraction. My themes are generally simple, everyday scenes that earn subtle movement through palette & hand composition.
"I feel compelled to express the idea that life should be lived in the best possible manner, and that we are all born to find happiness and it is this which I seek to infuse in my paintings. I hope to humbly pass on a bit of joy and harmony to those who view my works.

"To sell on the Internet is fantastic and contemporary. Novica is an excellent vehicle which divulges and makes accessible to the world the work of an artist. To know that somebody truly likes a work enough to invest in it is extremely gratifying."