Karen White

Karen White


Drawing her inspiration from her surroundings and life experiences Karen combines her skills of observation, attention to detail and artistic talent to reconstruct the world around her. She is inspired by both the natural environment and the clever constructions of the man-made world.

She draws and paints a diversity of subject matter ranging from landscape, animals, architecture and the important people in her life. She likes to incorporate an illustrative and thematic approach to her work. She portrays a sense of meaning and purpose using her tools of creation to reflect upon her life journey in which she shares with others. She likes to tell a story and enrich those around her through Visual communication and appeal using a variety of mediums of traditional art.

Working primarily in the style of traditional realism, she also expands her horizons to explore other styles and genres to stretch her into other areas of artistic expression and exploration.

Karen has a lifetime of experience as a creative artist and has studied fine arts and graphic design as well as exhibiting in numerous exhibitions. She has ventured on her creative journey alongside her identical twin that possesses the same artistic vision and shares a studio & a joint mission of creative endeavor.

Dog breed portraits

Architectural pen sketches

Pencil Flowers