Earthstone Chu

Earthstone Chu

About Me

In the summer of ‘76, I was an artist. But I was an artist contemplating about committing suicide rather than an artist capable of creating.

At the time my work was merely conforming to bureaucracy and the authoritarians of traditional art. In the true artist sense, I was not at all contributing to a progressive society.

Years of depression eventually influenced my physical health. Strange sicknesses that could not be accurately diagnosed had begun to manifest. There was a period that my body ached daily with overwhelming pain. Painkillers filled my cabinets and as did acupuncture sessions to my daily schedules. Feeling trapped and without hope, I was both mentally and physically tired. I was a working artist but was one without meaning or purpose.

Tai Chi and Daoism became the eventual liberation to the darkness that was my near demise.

Though Tai Chi was originally a commitment to regain my health, as I trained further, my realizations of its deep philosophies began to coincide with what I was starting to comprehend in the concepts of Daoism. Both disciplines emphasized on the understanding of the universe.

Tai Chi may have saved me from deteriorating health, but together with Daoism, the two saved my soul. What I had discovered for myself enticed me not only to live but also to explore the universe further in the name of art.

Since then, I live and breathe by the philosophies of Tai Chi and Daoism has become my main driving force and the two lives in all my art in infinite forms.

Following my concept that dissolving in ‘ wandering and involving’ of universe energy, I express the image that can inspire the mind to explore deeper and wider spirit world. Hope to resonate freedom of the mind to create unfettered life to have happiness through art.

Energy of my art is kinetic and ambiguous for unique viewer to recreate own intrinsic universe which is full of unspeakable love.

I always challenge using simple long lines and strokes to stride across shapes to have a wide feeling space for viewer’s own limitless abundant realm. Believe good art is to evoke limitless invisible spiritual world from limit visible material condition.

I’m a tool to pass people the bridge to enjoy energy of universe. The wide, profound and incredible intrinsic energy is for every unique one.


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2014 In River Gallery
2014 Taipei JP Art Center Kaohsiung
2013 In River Gallery, Taipei Regent Hotel, Taipei
2012 Cans Tea House Gallery, Taipei
2010 Autumn Color Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2009 MOCA, Taipei,Taiwan
2008 Lin & Kung art Gallery,Taipei, Taiwan
2007 vanguard Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2004 69 Smith St Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
1996 Gabriel Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
1995 Up Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1993 No Vacancy Temporary Galleries, Melbourne, Australia
1992 Taiwan Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1991 Gallery Pierre, Taichung, Taiwan
1990 Gallery L’Age D’or, Taipei
1989 Marco P Gallery, Phoenix, USA
1989 Provincial Museum, Taichung Taiwan
1988 Tien Mu Ceramics Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1981 ~ 1987 Taipei Art Guild, Taipei, Taiwan (annual solo exhibition)
1987 Tao Yuan Cultural Centre, Tao Yuan, Taiwan
1986 Gallery ’97 Hong Kong
1986 Yang Han Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1986 Choun Men Art Space, Kao Hisung Taiwan
1986 East and West Gallery, Melbourne Australia
1986 Museum of Chinese Australia History, Melbourne, Australia
1986 Team Arts Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1986 Caves Gallery, Taipei Taiwan
1984 American Cultural Center, Taipei
1982 Myriad Gallery, Taipei Taiwan
1979 American Cultural Center, Taipei, Taiwan
1979 Taichung Cultural Center, Taichung, Taiwan
Hua Kung Museum Taipei, Taiwan Less