Hello and Greetings! This is Kuntal; I have studied Industrial Design about 22 years back. My love with drawing and painting was pushed back all these years due to my occupation. But never stopped experimenting with it. To me, drawing or painting is an experiment in thinning the line between form and space, structure and texture. My continuous effort how to make drawings that can become paintings and the other way round.

I travel quite a lot; so my subjects are often the memories of my travel, stories of my travel. To me, memory is fascinating as that allows me to do exactly what I would like to- break, diffuse the boundaries of experience and stories. Often my tools and techniques are to adapt to my travel, bumpy rides bringing the way I use lines, a few pens and ink that are easier to pack and can capture my thoughts wherever I am; be it on my bed, or sitting under a tree.

Hope you enjoy what I do. Stay safe, be well.

01. Fading away

Scritchy Scratchy