Ira Silence

Ira Silence

I am a photographer of Fine Art, architecture, documentary, details, textures and concepts of nature. I also love doing abstract acrylic painting. Some of it you will find here.

I love art and worship painters with all my heart! There was time when I visited Indonesia and found terrifically talented people in there. So I decided to help and start being a thread to the modern world of art for all of them because, to my point of view, we need to share that beauty with others.

Every purchase on that website directly supports the artist who created it and contributes towards further exposing their work. I want to do everything I can to support Indonesian artists and help them further their careers.

I believe in real art from real artists. Great art says something. It comes from the heart. It stands out, represents an idea, it says something. It's not about this year's color trend or matching your new sofa. On my page you can find something really interesting for yourselves.

As a customer you can expect:
Amazing Product delivered directly from Indonesia except PRINT ON DEMAND from this website.
A Personal Touch: Questions, suggestions, comments. I am ready to receive personal messages and listen to all of your wishes and ideas.

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