Hi there, Welcome to EarthArt. I have been painting & creating for over twenty years.
The hangings I paint are large ( 6 ft x 4 ft ), painted with Ultra Violet acrylics, which are reflective in Ultra Violet light. I was inspired by the ultra violet decor of the early rave culture, which caught my imagination and set me on this journey many years ago. I started by adding the Ultra Violet paint to my clothes enhancing their look, but it quickly progressed into bigger and better things. The Ultra Violet aspect gives the work more depth and a three dimesional feel, other worldly and thought provoking. Because of the size of the pieces they stimulate and heal the spirit. My goal is to bring the vibe and energy of my work to all and everyone. To make us all remember Mother Nature and ourselves.
My work is dedicated to painting subjects close to my heart, wildlife being the main one. It is my biggest inspiration and a subject I am very passionate about.
Also since creating my larger pieces I have gone onto painting smaller canvas's and photography which is alot of fun, as well as movie making and stone carving. Much of this can be seen on my own web site which is:

Commissions undertaken - any size, subject