CoreFresh Art

Self taught artist Eartha L DeYampert born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.
Originally spent over 25 years service in Early Childhood Education as an Administrator & Trainer/Consultant. It was early March 2020 during the on-set of the Pandemic when her substitute teaching assignments were paused. During that period she recognized her authentic interest in creating art. Whereby particularly the artist sought a needed sense of peace, included what she perceived as a leading 'Woosah Plan' - it was then revealed a hidden painting talent. Initially dabbling with dry medium chalk on artist paper, she soon explored using acrylics, and next oil painting on canvas.

The birth of her art passion comes with painting original art fashioned to inspire calmness. The hope is that images seen storied in her paintings, viewers 'take in their calmness, and make it their story.' The artist also welcomes your commissioning her for original art painted on canvas - oil/acrylic. This offers the art lover an opportunity to share in and personalized art.