Fine Art by Kevin Earley

Fine Art by Kevin Earley

Kevin Earley is a painter who creates work that looks back at the viewer, through the repeated mantra of an eternal gaze.

A 2004 graduate from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, with a Bachelor's in Fine Art, concentration in Painting, Kevin Earley's personalized portraits and images of religious iconography are a must have for any serious art lover's collection.

He brings his unique life experience and vivid color palette to his work, whether he is painting his representation of the Buddha, or a portrait of a beautiful woman, Kevin focuses on the human gaze and how our eyes are drawn to the mysteries that inhabit the windows to the soul. He was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder in 2001 and subsequently spent much of his time during the next five years going in and out of mental institutions, as chronicled by his father, former Washington Post journalist Pete Earley in the Pulitzer Prize nominated book "Crazy - A Father's Journey Through America's Mental Health Madness". Painting has been a way for Kevin to regain and maintain his sanity throughout the process of recovery.

He originally became attracted to art through the graffiti/street scene of the 1990's, but found himself maturing through his work once he attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and was exposed to a wider worldview and history of fine art. Like the practice of a street artist who writes the same letter combinations in different colors and arrangements, in turn creating variations on a theme, Kevin works with similar ideas through his fine art, portraying the gaze of the portrait through different subjects.

He has focused in recent years on the idea of painting Buddha portraits as a way to tie in his redundancy and repetition in a manner where it becomes a ritual to paint them, like a monk chanting a mantra, the power is in the repetition of the process. Kevin treats the recurrent motifs in his work like these mantras that he is refining through repetition and each similarity that he repeats brings him closer to a unifying theme, one of using art as a means to transcend time and aging, to capture the human gaze in a moment forever, to chant visually the sound of "Ohm".

Kevin finds that the concept of repeating rituals through producing similar pieces allows for a collection to amass that is greater than the impact of one particular piece of artwork. He looks at his painting as a way to refine his ritual, to constantly practice on his craft and his lifestyle that is reflected in his art. He believes in working in unison with his paint, allowing the paint to eventually reveal itself in the right conditions. He doesn't force or command his paint, he works with it in a partnership of sorts. He is at the helm of a vibrant array of colors in his palette and he uses them in a sophisticated manner to heighten the result of each individual color.

Kevin currently lives and works in Stone Ridge, Virginia where his studio is located. He is available for commissions at reasonable prices and has sold art to a variety of people, from industry tastemakers and private collectors to amateur art enthusiasts. Inquire at his email address, azteclondon (at) gmail dot com for any further information. He also is a musician, who goes by the stage name "Earleybird". His music and videos can be experienced at his website,