Eamonn Mulligan

Eamonn Mulligan


I am self-taught in my interests and I am a qualified it Technician. I also root and install custom ROM’s on my mobile phones.


The photos and art on this website are just a selection of what I have produced. I have also done some video production over the years.

I started doing art again in 2012, I picked up a book in a shop and it inspired me to try it again as I hadn't done any art since college where I also did photography, video production and desk-top publishing.

I have explored various things and mainly used coloured pencils and acrylic paints.

I love listening to music and to dj. I have a pair of dj decks and mixer. My styles of music are progressive, dark, tribal and hard house along with progressive and hard trance and techno.

My musical roots are of the 1970’s and particularly the 1980’s. I have always loved electronic music, (i like a song to go on for ages), I also love Gothic, Cybergoth, Punk, Rock, Metal and their subgenres. I do love other genres of music as well for example classical, 1940’s and 1950’s Jazz. I listen to current music as well. I love a good tune and it’s amazing what a remix can do (not that you always need it).

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