Art By Glenda Eades

Art By Glenda Eades

An Old Hippie Soul and Nature Lover

Okay, so I am an old hippie soul and a lover of nature. I believe this comes out of me in everything I do. I love my family and my new community that we moved to just over a year ago. I and the love of my life and husband of 28 years decided that we wanted to retire away from the city life and moved to this quaint little town in Indiana, called Veedersburg. I love it there! Veedersburg, Indiana, is one place I chose to live!

Being an army brat, I grew up being a tomboy. But, still, I loved jewelry as well as art. I have been doing art in one form or the other for over 40 years. Recently, (2020) I decided that it was time again to make a change. That change turned into me starting to design and make my own little jewelry line. Of course, I still paint, but, my love of stones and now wire working has taken a front seat. In my eyes, art is art. Whether it be drawing, painting, designing or whatever a person chooses to do. And at this time of my life, I have chosen to design and handmake jewelry. This means, that if you chose a piece of my artwork or a piece of jewelry, you'll get a one-of-a-kind piece. No big box store, or mass productions! I will also do commission work. Whether it be a portrait or a designed piece of jewelry!

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