Art By Glenda Eades

Art By Glenda Eades

An Old Hippie Soul and Nature Lover

Okay, so I am an old hippie soul and a lover of nature. I believe this comes out of me in everything I do. I love my family and my new community that we moved to just over a year ago. I and the love of my life and husband of 28 years decided that we wanted to retire away from the city life and moved to this quaint little town in Indiana, called Veedersburg. I love it there! Veedersburg, Indiana, is one place I chose to live!

Being raised like an only child and an army brat to boot has brought me pretty much full circle in my family life and the way I communicate with everyone I meet. And I love meeting new people, and I’m never short on the conversation! After traveling the country for most of my younger life, until I was in my mid-teens, and sometimes having to change schools up to 3 times in one year, I learned at a very young age, how to get along with other people and also to not let anyone pick on me!

Traveling with my parents, they always made sure I had plenty of paper and pencils for drawing since I wasn’t interested in “just coloring books.” I wanted to bring to journal what I was seeing, and my parents always encouraged that trait within me.

The Beginning Of MY ART
My love of art, like most artists, came at an early age. I was only five years old when my dad re-upped in the army, so that’s when my travels started. I have some very vivid memories of my childhood back when I was only four years old. I took a trip back to my home state of Alabama a couple of years ago, but nothing was the same. None of my early run around spots were there anymore. There were only houses, which was such a heartbreaker for me. But, that’s progress.

I am a pure old hippie soul. “I still to this day even likes the clothes I wore back in the 70s”. (LOL). I’m also a true lover of anything nature. Even when I paint in the abstract, there’s always a noticeable natural theme to it. It comes out before I also know what the painting is going to depict, so I don’t fight my feelings on it at all.

When looking at my art, you’ll always see a theme in them. My hippie mostly comes out in my background. I love bright, happy colors, and it shows. The nature lover in me usually comes out in the rest of the painting. That said, I’m not afraid to step out of my comfort zone and will paint portraits if asked. I welcome commission works of all kinds and love a challenge!

I’m a self-taught artist. I’ve never, in my life, had one art lesson. When I finally started with painting, it was total trial and error. As I said, I love a challenge. Before realizing that I love art using acrylics, I used a pencil, colored pencils, charcoal, and then would do a mix of up all that.

Now I’m dabbling in mixing inks in with the acrylic paintings, and I love the effects of it! I’m also starting to dabble in mixed media, so I’m sure you’ll see more of that to come! I’m also a huge advocate for any aspiring artist to do art journaling, and NEVER, EVER tear out any mess-ups. Those are where you learn!

I have a tough time talking about myself, but I love talking about what I do. I’m a painter, lover of nature, and am genuinely an old hippie soul.

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