DW Johnson, author of the acclaimed, Iron League Saga and the Darkwater Trilogy has been creating for more than four decades.

In addition to fantasy fiction, Johnson produces abstract acrylic paintings and black and white photographs collected by private followers and museums across the United States.

He lives in Kansas with his daughter, a large epileptic dog, three cats, and a barnyard of chickens and ducks.

If you want to keep up on Johnson’s news and events, visit his website at www.dwjart.net. There you can sign up for his next book release.

Artist's Statement

I originally set out to create fine art photographs in the style of Ansel Adams. My work which started over four decades ago has transformed into three distinct categories:

Much of my black and white work is created in the T.O.A.D.S. genre. T.O.A.D.S is an acronym for Transient, Obsolete, Abandoned, Derelict, Sites. They are images of the forgotten remnants of man's existence. A large portion of my color work is concentrated in botanical and floral images, both in a natural setting and in the studio.

My newest creations are so unique that I had to invent a new classification to describe them. Photostrata are images created by destroying the original image and creating a new collage of them into a whole piece of art.

My work often focuses on the natural world and the de-evolution of man and his material work, Some of my newest subject matter is about women and the female form and the inherent societal pressure of "beauty". The direction of my work was not intentional - it all developed and evolved over time. People always ask for my artist statement so I needed to create one but I've never liked to explain my work. If I've made an image and that's how I wanted it to be, hopefully, it can speak for itself and whatever it says to the viewer. Each witness takes something different from the same piece.