The Artist
Dean .Williams
born 1.13.1937

Son of Native American Parents.
Born at Oklahoma City ,Oklahoma
His parents migrated to California in 1939 where they worked in produce harvest untill his parents settled down at New Barry Park California where Dean went to school and finish in Oxnard California. He has worked in the construction industry all his life. But along the way he have painted over 40 years, Visiting most of the Indian Ruins in the south west. Painting early south dwellings with people occupying the dwellings like it might have been at that time period.

Dean paints every day for a minimum of 4hrs and has for the last 20yrs. Never Know what he is going to paint until he sits down and start it. He said its like some unkown force in side saying paint something for Dean.
Art is fun he says and always brings a smile to his face.

The two Crucifixions he painted were during his time when things weren’t doing so good and they help me remember how life could have been, so have fun take a look around and while you do I will catch a trout or two