Ting Lu Li ,who was born in 1964,majored and graduated in Chinese, Culture university in Nei-hu,Taipei,
now he studies in religion research institute of Zhong Yuan University.

In the period of studying in Culture University,the photographer, Ms. Jenny Kao,was his teacher.And
now he devotes himself into photography,and the photo-artworks can be seen on many publications,such as Liberty Times,magzines of women and family in late 80s and early 90s.

The exhibition was held in 2005.He starts to teach conscious photography,topic photography,photopraphy style building,thought and photography,body and environment photography and city photography.

The photographer Ting Lu Li's father,an ex-Navy colonel of R.O.C..

Zhi Tong Li ,had a prostate sugery in Zhong Xiao Hospital,Taipei in the morning of September 10th,2004.It was not expected that his blood pressure raised high all of a sudden in the 12 hours after
the sugery was done.It caused blood vessels in his brain broke seriously yet there were no doctors or
nurses take care of it in an emergency but only gave regular medical treatment.After his family requested an emergency treatment several times,under his family's rush, CP was done in the early
morning on September 11th and transfered to the intensive care unit.Taipei Municipal Zhong Xiao hospital tried to avoid this case by excusing.This case has turned into a lawsuit against the hospital now.
and charge by Public Prosecutors Office.So far he still stays in Zhong Xiao Hospital.

Ex-Navy colonel, Zhi Tong Li
( also a chairman of Corporation of Hu-Lin Street Church in Taipei.
He devoted into community welfare,donated his saving to the community and church,and was awarded a commend by the mayor of Taipei city.
In his military life,he was a classmate and a colleague of Mr. Tang Cheng,who is famous in the car field,
And after his retirement,he also had good business relationship with Mr. Wang You Zeng and Mr.Li Chang Yi.


Ting Lu Li dedicates all his achivement of photography to his father's effect and noble bearing from
navy.Since Ting Lu Li was a child,his father always took him to be close to the nature and books,and
that makes Ting Lu Li feel nothing to return but only is grateful and in arrear.

Ting Lu Li ,as the only child in the family,has become difficult in economy because of the unexpected accidient.And all the artworks are selling on as the funds of taking care of his father.
Hereby thank all the buyers around the world for your support.