Stu Duval

Stu Duval

Stu writes. Paints. Imagines.

He creates worlds in words and pictures.

Born in Christchurch, he has been a graphic artist, radio broadcaster, cartoonist, motivational speaker, art teacher, preacher, mural painter and creative director.

In 2000 he embarked on a journey as a full-time author, artist and storyteller, travelling the length and breadth of the country sharing his stories and art.

He is now considered one of New Zealand’s master storytellers. His books (20 at last count) are much loved by children and praised for their ‘crackling prose’, ‘rip-roaring adventure’ and ‘spellbinding narrative’. He illustrates all his own work.

He is currently working on his much anticipated ‘Last Kiwi’ project, consisting of stunning painted works and a brand new novel.

His skateboard art is a new, quirky, direction, enabling Stu to channel his illustrative passion into accessible art. These pieces have been an immediate hit with lovers of the funky and quirky.

Board Art