The Modern Americana

The Modern Americana

Originally from a rural setting in Western New York, Dustin Joyce has attended the School of Art and Design at Alfred University. Dustin currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, where he continues to create and develop work from his studio.

Dustin left his small town after the fulfillment of his BFA in 2013. He moved to Brooklyn where he became employed by Jeff Koons as a painter in his Studio for 2 years. After leaving Jeff's studio he remains developing art that sheds light on mass cultural trends of consumerism and pop culture. He is developing a new genre of art commentary and style that he believes is overlooked within contemporary art.

Dustin, like all millennials, was greatly affected by pop culture even in the rural setting he was raised. Mass consumers and contemporary trends are what he observes in his work. With the use of figures and common objects, Dustin creates a composition that reflects the American consumer. His work challenges the viewer's relationship to cultural norms and designs a work that objectifies everything.

Consumed Series