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Hi, Thank you for your interest in my artwork, photography and crafts. I am a self taught artist in most things. My uncle and aunt encouraged me to pick up a paint brush when I was 11 or 12 years old...I had 1 lesson from them and have learn on my own since. Photography is more of an occasional hobby. My grandmothers showed me some basic crochet stitches as a child...but when I wanted to learn more I found a book an figured it out. This book also showed me how to knit. I enjoy the beauty we have been blessed to enjoy in our lives around us and in our imaginations...and I love to bring that beauty and creativity out in my projects. I am involved in giving paint classes as well as teaching other to knit and crochet. I love to see budding artists gain confidence in what they can create. I do occasionally take on customized orders, as time permits. 6 children, homeschooling, farm life, and church activities do keep life full.

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