Dugaleye Photography

Dugaleye Photography


Sonny Dugal is the Fine Art and Travel Photographer behind DUGALEYE.

Born and brought up in Burma and India, Sonny moved to the Charleston, South Carolina area in 1980. He has been involved in the decorative arts for more than three decades, and travels extensively. His passion for uncommon perspectives and abstract vision is revealed in his photography. An active member of the arts community, his work has won several awards over the years.

His most recent exhibition is titled ''Elsewhere'' - which word describes a state of mind, a point of view, a dilation of the everyday:

"Elsewhere is a current compilation of images evoking place and time. All my life I have felt that we are all part of a larger continuum, and I need to share this with you. Windows and reflections help me to connect, contours and shadows stretch my outlook, I seek a thousand words in the photos I create to communicate with you."