Artwork by David T. Mitchell

Artwork by David T. Mitchell

An artist of many mediums, David currently resides in Black Mountain, NC.
Originally from Atlanta, GA, his artistic endeavors were inspired by his paternal grandmother who specialized in oil paints and portrait work. His father was an architect and creative artist of mixed media and illustration.

What does it mean to be an artist? This artist's view—to share creative expression of one's spirit, nature or perspective in a moment through some medium which can be interpreted by one's self or another through at least one of the senses. Life has moved David to express through many mediums—almost always with a deeper meaning and/or a story behind the work or event. This small digital spec in the ocean of websites, pages, blogs, etc. is intended to provide a glimpse into the life of this artist and a sample of some of his visual art pieces.

David's intention is that at least one of his pieces of artwork may touch, inspire and/or remind the viewer of the often sublime treasures within this life we live.



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