Artist Bio – Daniel Smith

The artist was born in Kingston, Ontario and now resides in North Bay. He is 37 years old. Most of his life he has work in the construction industry. The artist has always enjoyed woodworking and which has developed into a love for being a wood sculptor. He also enjoys time spent outdoors, fishing and collecting wood for his next project.
He has received two 1st place, two 3rd place, and a best in class at the Canadian National Wildfowl Carving Campionships. However. Most of Daniel’s work is wood sculptor. He also has expanded in wooden jewelry and other wood crafts. Daniel truely enjoys the creation process and the tactile nature of woodcarving. He hopes that it will bring his viewers to a surreal place of another time and space.

Artist Statement – Daniel Smith
The artist's favorite medium is wood. Basswood is a staple for most Canadian carvers; however, he also enjoys other native hardwoods. Most recently he has been working with hard maple and yellow birch. The artist draws inspiration from nature, human history, and his radical beliefs in matters of science and spirituality. His favorite artists are Michelangelo and Larry Barth. The artist also does pyrography and folk art style paintings. The artist is committed to minimizing his ecological footprint, by using reclaimed wood and other up-cycled materials. The artist’s main goal is to raise social awareness about the issues of today; including: modern science, spirituality, human impact of our environment, and changing the socio-economic pitfalls of our society. He hopes you will join him in his quest to leave the universe a better place than it was when we came into the world.


2013-2014 North Bay Wood Carvers Club
2013-2014 Consolidated Artist Group of 7s (Vice-President)


1998-2013 Carpentry and woodworking hands on experience
2007-2009 Wood Lab technician Grant Forest Products R&D
2013 Running a Creative Enterprise Workshop – Diane Davis

2014 Canadian National Wildfowl Carving Championship
2014-2015 LaVase Portage Project
2013-2014 North Bay Chamber of Commerce
2013 Art In The Park
2013 Good Things Come in Small Packages Exhibition

The Business Center of Nipissing Parry Sound.
Private collections in Canada, United Kingdom, and United States.