Dru Woodard ::: Illustrator

Dru Woodard ::: Illustrator


I am an Addy award-winning art director/
media developer/3D artist and illustrator.
I began my professional career as a graphic artist for
American Greetings, eventually moving up to designer.
During this time, I also illustrated the Green Hornet for
Now Comics Entertainment.

I am inspired by everything my senses can take in. I carry a camera with me
constantly to capture fleeting moments of light and shadow, expression and
emotion, community, isolation, anything that I feel has a possibility of
contributing to my growth as an artist.

A beautiful stroke of a pencil, an unbroken ribbon of ink, a decisive mark of
a brush, an unexpected use of color, a bold composition…these are the things
that make my heart race.

Being able to tell a story, evoke a feeling, share and communicate an idea –
without using a word, is always my goal.




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