Don's Art

I always think of taking a journey and it would be to go places that I haven’t been, much like a life’s journal, to see and experience and feel new things.

My SALLO paintings try to show different styles, techniques, combination of colors and textures, much like life’s journey, the scenery changes. Having the opportunity to travel for long periods all over the world has allowed me to see various cultures and environments – mountains, deserts, pastures, oceans, rivers. With all of the colors and formations in the world, I want to be able to apply on canvas some of what I have seen, letting both contrasting and complementary colors flow. Some of my experiences include the desert heat and sand storms of Saudi Arabia, the icy cold and wet of Minnesota, the heat and humidity of Florida, the chilly and wet climate in Yellowstone, the humidity and rains of South America, the overcast and wetness of Europe.

My acrylic paintings have been shipped through the United States California, Oregon, Texas, Illinois, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Virginia and others.

I was born in Lima, Ohio, November 23 and served in the US Navy after high school as a Hospital Corpsman.

My favorite artist includes Salvador Dali and Paul Jackson Pollock. I am a self-taught artist, with limited training, and have been painting in one form or another for 45 years.

​Early on, most of my work was pencil and charcoal.

Kathy's Photos

We have traveled with our business as computer consultants for the past 25 years. With each new client we physically moved to the location and rented a corporate apartment allowing us to be in one place 6 months up to 2 years. This lets us really get to see and explore each place.

We have lived in 2 countries, 23 cities and 13 states. We gather our inspiration from each location because they are all different. Don's paintings and Kathy's photographs. We hope you enjoy our work.

My Acrylic Painting Prints By Don

My Photos On Canvas By Kathy