dr,m.m.sheikh -smiftikhar

dr,m.m.sheikh -smiftikhar


Observation and imaginations are two best gifts of god to our race, a super kind.We can look, add in our vision-becomes an observation ,we imagine and can craft it by our artistic touch or write down it on a kind and attractive words that can touches the heart and minds of our society, many revolution were the result of this art of writing, or depicting it on papers in the form of cartoons. Me, basically a student of science by profession but tried to cultivate my art from my environmental surroundings at home and in society. I try to show my imagination through this one more window available to me. Computer technology and other innovations assisted me to promote my thoughts and put forth them in a descent and in a different way more effectively.It is nothing wrong for anybody to use such tools to make their ideas and thoughts to exposed to society in general. Thanks.


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