Driftwood Gallery

Driftwood Gallery


Driftwood Gallery on Artpal features clothing and accessories printed with unique designs by a mixed media artist.

I first create my paintings - always keeping in mind of course the composition of the finished painting as a work of art in itself, not with clothing design in mind. My paintings are heavily textured and not all of them will be translated to my design items. When I upload photographs of the paintings into Photoshop, if the painting has been chosen for wearable art, I make adjustments as necessary to make the artwork look great on the products, but they still retain the character, patterns and colours of the original artwork.

The fabric for every item is printed in Montreal, using high quality dyes and fabrics that retain their colour even after multiple washes. We only print and sew your garment when payment has been received for your order - this process can take 2-3 weeks (depending on the size of your order).

You can view more clothing and accessories, as well as my original art pieces at


Clothing and Accessories