Drawings of Light

Drawings of Light


Colored pencils drawing by Ecaterina Tabacu, Bucharest, Romania

It is said we are all born with a grace and the good fortune of discovering it at one point in our lives. We are liable to exercise this grace, to bring it to the surface and show it to the world.

Practicing our grace, we show gratitude for having received it, and we have the chance to discover our essence. If we don’t do that, we just add another pain to our life, which is in fact the source of all other sufferings and anguish.

Spirals and color are the main subject of my “Drawings of Light”. These drawings express joy, gratitude for the beauty of life, the small infinite, the unseen side of the world, the movement of colors into uncreated forms, the searches beyond appearances.

The abstract realm of the “Drawings of Light” is built of round shapes and spirals, and inspiration from the plant world. When I use these elements, I always get more inspiration and joy.

The spiral is the symbol of quest and evolution.

The colors are a permanent experience. Placing colors one next to another makes them harmoniously influencing each other, building themselves again and again as nuances, new tones and worlds; it’s a process that resembles an Universe in perpetual transformation and renewal.

The spiral and colors in the “Drawings of Light” need a lot of light to best admire and discover them. The spiral and colors create and conceal symbols; they have their own kinetic that waits to be discovered.

Technical details: drawing on “Canson” paper, with “Kooh-I-Noor Hardmuth Mondeluz” colored pencils, “Artist Oil Pastel-Sennelier” batons and metallic markers.

About me: I am a single, 53 years old woman. After a whole life of accounting and SAP consulting, I finally gave up my stressful, mundane (even if well-paid) job, and dedicated myself to my true calling - spirituality. I had since many years graduated the School of Arts in Bucharest, and I painted and drew all my life, as a hobby. Now I make a living working as a massage therapist (specialized in lymphatic drainage, Prananadi Tibetan massage and reflexology). Since now I can dedicate much more time and attention to drawing, and I am far more relaxed and at peace with life than when I worked in accounting 10 hours a day, my works got better and I decided to put them on sale. I hope you will better see the beauty of your spiritual "inner garden" by looking at my drawings.