Dragos Bagia

Dragos Bagia


To Whom May Concern
Thank you! For watching this page. I am Bagia Dragos.Born in 7 april 1967 in Constanta/Romania.I like to paint since i was a kid...but i never graduated a fine art school!
I just have a talent from God's mercy.My passion apart of painting is esoteric philosophy.After all i like to paint my dreams,things from my fantasy,everything related to religion,esotericism,kabala,zohar,solomon's keys and daemons.
I have to make a confesion,this is not,just a painting,it is a chance to change your life,find out what is beyond the borders!
Light up your mind...I hope you will see the message of each painting,God bless all of you.
Yours Faithfully
Bagia Dragos

Artist value certified: Dragos Bagia's works have been evaluated by an independent expert.Certification 2020: €750
Certification has been established by Jacques-Armand Akoun on October19, 2020.