Thomas Pradeilles

Thomas Pradeilles

I started drawing stuff very young. In my childhood, I was copying pictures from magasines, then in teenage years I followed arts studies, experimenting a lot of different techniques, from very classics (like oil painting) to very experimental (like covering my body of lemon juice and apply myself to giant paper sheets). After getting my first degree at Fine Art Institute of Nimes, in France, for my painting and photographic work I started to search for a more stable profession. I learned 3D modeling and texturing to work in the video game industry then moved to Canada. After some years spent working as 3D artist, I learned programming by myself and now act as video game developer, creating some independant games and working from time to time in companies.

If painting is not my main activity, every piece of my life is filled with creation. Often people ask me how we can go from a something as creative as art, to something as technical as programming. To my point of view, programming is very creative.

First you start by drawing a character. It has a personality, an expression, but it's static, you can't turn around it and character's expression is fixed.
Then you learn 3D modeling, you can create this same character in 3D, add a new layer of life into it.
Then you learn 3D animation, you can add to your character a squeletton, he is capable of moving, changing expressions. It's another layer, but at this point it's only a kind puppet, he's moving only when you decided to.
Finally, you use programming, and you add some intelligence to it. It's the last layer of life you can give to it, it's now capable of interacting with it's environment, taking it's own decisions, etc ...

I'm actually working on, a set of acrylic portraits. This series digs in a theme that I explore often in my work : dehumanization. From childhood, I'm attracted by monster and, especially, by zombies. For me, zombies are not human that died and came back to life, it's simply humans who lost their humanity.

Feel free to contact me if you have any question or if you want to discuss about my work, i'll be more than happy to discuss with you !