Daniel R Phipps

Daniel R Phipps


As a young child I used to love drawing and painting, mum said I loved drawing so much I used to draw on her walls. I bought my first paints aged 13 years old from the art teacher at school and from the local art shop, and I still have them. I raced motorcycles from 1974, until a serious crash at Brands Hatch stopped me racing. I travelled to many places in Europe, often without hotel bookings and by motorcycle to explore Europe and discover other cultures, people and inspirations.

Inevitably this was absorbed into my work, ready to give birth at it's appropriate time. I drew and painted during these sporadic years, and began working in the Comic Art industry in 1979. I worked as an illustrator for comics such as, the Beano, Dandy, Topper, Beezer, Whizzer and Chips, Marvel Comics-Hanna Barbera until the business crashed. This lasted 12 years, but inside I knew I had a calling and began painting again.

In 1994 I attended South Essex College and went on to London Guildhall University where I completed a BA Fine Art, under the tutorage of Bob and Roberta Smith aka Patrick Brill. Dreams are ready to be nurtured and fulfilled, but only by trying what you believe in shall some come true. Without travelling the journey, it becomes a trade off. It’s important to believe in what you are to discover who you are.

I have found cohesiveness within my new work, and developed accordingly. My vision is to paint the colours of the mind and what I see outside in the world in order to respond. It is the journey of a lifetime to paint my dreams, thoughts and views of the world.

Love in a peaceful world.