Damon Plewes

Damon Plewes


Damon Plewes: Mix medium abstract artist.

I use a combo of acrylic paints mixed with airbrush and resin.
To create bright colourful Abstract landscapes and a clash of ideas on canvas.
All original pieces are images i have created from my home in Kelowna BC.
I find most inspiration from nature landscapes and space phenomenons. Then try to depict those ideas into a unique abstract way that is in no way a "realistic" style but that is what makes it unique and interesting.

I am a young artist of 20 years just starting out.
Excited to see where creating art will take me!
Other major passions are skateboarding, snowboarding and music.
Help support my art by treating yourself or someone you care about, to a print on canvas, or even a mug with my original art!

If you would like to contact me about painting requests or how to purchase the origonal paintings or anything art related, send me an email at: dplewes18@gmail.com