David Phillippe


There's something about Art. I have been drawn to it since I was a child (Pun intended). Since I could hold a pencil (or crayon) in my hand I have created Art, sometimes on paper, once on my face, or was that twice? I always had a story to tell, an adventure to live, and it all happened through drawings, or paintings, or whatever form I could use to bring it to life. That's what Art is about for me; bringing imagination to life. I began to understand as well, that bringing imagination to life, also meant bringing smiles to people's faces. Art makes people happy. It thrills, amazes, surprises, inspires and sometimes frightens. It is an important part of my life.
So now I would like to share some of it and maybe when the day is bleak and stormy, someone will see something I have created and have to sit with their morning coffee and smile because they just can't help themselves.