Clinton Michael Lown

Clinton Michael Lown

Clinton Michael grew up in the tiny southern Ontario town that borders Buffalo NY, where he spent many of his waking hours playing in fields and nearly drowning in ditches and streams. He began his art studies at an early age and would on occasion solicit a small gathering while drawing and telling stories. Clinton's grade school teachers would send the artist into the hallways to create coloured pencil drawings of spiders on large canvas sized paper, which then had to be folded many times in order to fit into the portfolio: an empty silverware box, kept underneath his parents bed. A drawing of a Wolf won him first prize in grade three and then five grades later a Koala Bear tied him with first place in a local paper competition. Clinton Michael attended Sheridan College in the 1980's and he is an alumni of the Ontario College of Art, where he received a diploma in interdisciplinary studies. Clinton Michael is single & has never been married, but once raised a wild blind bird for 13 years. His bird is buried in the cemetary that honours nature & its contribution to life. He has been tossed into the same cemetary, no epitaph, no name, no cuture and no fame except the fame of the Canadian Vulture. What do you mean you haven't heard of a Canadian Vulture? If you look hard, you'll see it feeding on the dead carcass of tommorrows dreams


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