Hi, and welcome to my gallery, I hope you find something you like, I love to paint with acrylic paints and have sold many of my paintings on art websites, as well as through instagram, family, friends and the occasional art exhibition.

I also like to draw with charcoal and chalk, however, these days I am quite obsessed with painting. I start with a picture in my imagination and then follow my intuition. Most of the time, I am unsure as to what the outcome will be, yet am always pleasantly surprised and happy with the final result of the painting.

These days however, I am now painting abstract. I am on a Spiritual Journey and I feel each abstract painting I paint is a reflection of me, my reality, what I am feeling, thinking and creating.

Painting is my passion and something I feel I will be doing for many, many years to come.

My paintings and drawings are professionally photographed for print.