I am an inspired digital artist, whose favorite types of art include abstract art, acrylic painting, digital artwork, and touching and retouching in photoshop. I love to create artwork in my free time as it helps me with everyday life. It keeps me simple and who I am today. My work shows my emotion and empathy that I put into every piece.

If you would like to sign up and promote my artwork feel free to as it is free to sign up. And you will receive 5% on every piece I sell for the next 365 days. This is a great affiliate opportunity for anyone who would like to make commissions on my artwork.

There are various ways to help promote art and drive free traffic. The main source would include social media, such as, facebook, twitter, and pinterest. These are by far the best way to promote socially for free.

DougieArts art gallery represents the finest digital fine art on the internet. The Kansas City artist has had a passion for creating artistic works for years now and more years to come. DougieArts has a range from simple digital fine art to overworked hand crafted paintings that can easily be hung up on your wall in the bedroom.

The Art Collection