Inspiration Arts, LLC

Inspiration Arts, LLC

I make deeply passionate art with bold, life-infused color.

Flowing interactions of line and shape moving through layers of ambient, open space. In 2007, I traded in my paint brushes and began painting with workmen's cement trowels which I've continued using ever since. I came to the square as my focal point, moving to smaller pieces on wood rather than canvas. The series began with stand-alone 12"x 12" pieces, expanding to 4 panel horizontal & vertical pieces. 12"x 50"and 50"x 12".

We also worked on larger squares both 42" & 48" square.
In a conversation with one of Chicago's esteemed art experts Paul Klein, challenged me saying, "It's nearly impossible for an artist to change his or her syntax", meaning to go beyond one's habitual style - which they're used to and "good at".

At that time, I painted in a color intensive, expansive, gestural style. Soon after, intrigued by the discussion, I rolled out what Einstein called a "thought experiment", eliminating all gestural mark-making from my work.
What remained was pure color - its position & relationships. I wanted to reduce things and come at the work in as simple a way as possible.

From there, the reduced elements of the work evolved into a new series, "EQUATIONS". It was built upon a simple architectural motif, a series of minimal geometric abstractions where bold, flat panels of solid color framed a large central space which represented "creativity and invention".

On ArtPal, I am offering a wide variety of works from different series. You can see more of these works online at :

As always, the core of my work & approach is based on a primal notion:
"To Inspire others by being Inspired".