The Doorway Effect Apparel Company

The Doorway Effect Apparel Company

Welcome to "The Doorway Effect" gallery and online store. The Doorway Effect is a B.N.I.B.C.D Creative Media agency. Here you will find an arrangement of apparel, conceptual art, and design work produced under the "patterned principles" of Jose O. Gonzalez and Cojovatron Dynamix. Art prints will be delivered through and original art pieces, as well as clothing items will be delivered by the artist. The Doorway Effect (TDE) aims at emerging as a "neo hybrid" brand that offers the consumer another level of intelligent messaging and design. Some may consider it street wear, but we like to describe the brand as an "Intelligent Portal" into the T shirt space. TDE offers high quality prints on high quality fabrics. We will be offering low cost items, as well as, high end designer items. Using the T shirt as our main canvas product, we do hope to offer entire capsules. Thank you for stopping by. Make sure to support our brand by making a purchase. Also, be sure to share this page on social media. You can contact us by email:

Paintings and Decorative Art

Stork Stones Campaign

The Victor Manolo Campaign

The Discovery Campaign

The Chimp Manifesto Campaign